BF 2042: Season 03

The concept: Hi-tech weapon manufacturer Nordvik 3D-prints their handle pattern.

S3 Mood Loop
S3 Appointment Set
S3 Countdown

For each new season of Battlefield 2042 releases, my responsibility was to create Mood Loops for trailer end slates, Appointment Sets and Countdown's, each with a strict deadline. Also update After Effects assets like Title Cards, Lower Thirds, Transitions and End Slates.

True for all mood loops is the heat signature animation on top, started by The Mill and Bond, finalized by our team.

Art Direction: Magnus Leijonhielm
Production: Ana Dima
Graphic Design: Magnus Leijonhielm, Nuno Coelho, Madalina Ungureanu

Huge thanks to the rest of my EA & DICE family involved in this project.