During 2007-2011, I co-founded Menyou together with Andreas Lindholm and Johan Ohlsson.

What is Menyou?
Video Tutorial - How to Upload

After getting back from Japan in 2007, I was faced with two opportunities. Either move to Tokyo and start working with Asian clients. Or to start working with a project called Menyou, that my colleague and friend Andreas Lindholm already had started working on.

I thought to myself. If a simple kid from Trollhättan could become one of the best at flash animation, maybe it's possible to change the world as well? How hard can it be?

Me and my colleague started working three months in Chile, where his wife owned some land. We had been assigned to design a concept and business idea. What if everyone around the world, could send small or large amounts of money, just as easy as giving a Facebook like? And people could share other peoples content and make a buck for themselves too. What if parts of the Internet was connected to small amounts of cash, making a sustainable independent Digital Fair Trade? Making the Internet into a place not only for freedom of information, but also economic freedom for the people. If only we had used Bitcoin a few years after we started... (check out Nostr and its zap functionality).

No longer doing flash animation, but UI design, strategy meetings, presentation talks with potential investors and wealthy millionaires. A lot of things that happened there could make it into a book or documentary. Like the meeting inside the mental sickness hospital in London with a possibly dangerous mythomaniac investor.

Having a Swedish House Mafia member over and congratulating my work, but too busy to talk, was playing StarCraft 2 with my co-workers.

The retired white bearded marine officer, somehow involved in the Russian submarine scandal, that turned out to be minks on the radar. The forest owning priest that fell asleep during one of my one-on-one presentations – but still invested. Calling Björn from ABBA from the phone book and him actually picking up. When explaining our idea in a video tutorial for him, later finding another company he invested in doing the exact same thing, even stole a couple of our ideas.

The fortune telling prophetess of rich men doing business in Qatar. The supporting widow of the poisoned inventor of cars that ran on water. The man who's life meaning was searching power and managed to walk right into the white house.

A former Ericsson executive told the story about how they installed phone line surveillance on Iraq's populace for Saddam Hussein.

Enough strange things to make someone insane and I think at some point it actually did. Changing the world was a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined!

After 5 years with Menyou, I told them I needed to go on a break, go back to freelancing. Wanted to do motion graphics again. The company eventually crashed, Think the main founder is still out there somewhere working on it...