Short film by Fake Pilot based on John Hopkins Insides album.

Insides is about loosing your true self in a system of distractions and finding a way out from it. Close your eyes, start listening to the voice of your heart and your inner child will start to live again.

Find Jon Hopkins - Insides album here on Spotify:

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Mattias Lindberg - Directing, Production, Mograph
Jon Hopkins - Music, Domino records
Fredrik Wannerstedt - Photographer
Sandra Wannerstedt - Make-up Artist
Yana - Model
Album cover graphic inspiration by Man vs Magnet
Voice quote from the Network 1976 in the beginning
Edited text quote from Steven Pressfield - Turning Pro in the end

I found a Youtube clip of Jon Hopkins first song on the album Insides. I'm basing this short movie on his album, mixed three songs, take design inspiration from the album cover and idea to the movie from the name. My friend and photographer Fredrik Wannerstedt helped out with studio and photo, his girlfriend Sandra Öjeland helped with make up, Yana offered to model.

Worked in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Mocha and Flash. Finished in 2016.