Iceland and Ximena

Filmed and edited after Iceland trip.

I met Ximena on the streets of Reykjavik, we both had traveled there alone. She had a dream back in her homeland Mexico, that a friend of hers on Iceland would soon die and when she now arrived, she just found out that he did. He died in a motorcycle accident.
We looked at each other, both had sunglasses on. Then we looked again and I went up to her and asked for directions. She asked if I wanted to grab a beer and from then we had a connection. In the dream of hers, her friend had said not to worry, because she will find a new friend soon.
We decided to travel around Iceland together in a van for 9 days. This video is made for Ximena, cause without her my trip to Iceland wouldn't have been this amazing.
Took all footage for this video in July, summer of 2016, in Iceland. Camera: Sony A7s. Edited and colored in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 on a PC.
Music by The Cogent Project - Sonder.